For some reason now that I am over 50, I get asked for my beauty secrets! It has been happening a lot in the last year and especially with the Beauty Secrets Video that has received over 16 million views !! Why is this? Is it because older women […]

Severance Beauty Secrets

I am known for going as long between hair cuts as I possibly can. One reason is my hair grows so fast it needs to be cut every 2 weeks to look the same. The other is my hairdresser is in CA and I am usually not. That being said, […]

when to trim

Stress!!!! We have all heard about the detrimental effects that STRESS can have on our systems, health, relationships etc….and I believe it to be true based on my experiences. The first time I noticed STRESS was when i decided to divorce from my first husband. That decision took me 3 […]

stress and hair loss

I get so many compliments on my hair now that I let it go “natural”. It was a frightening thought at the start, to let the “roots” grow out. This obviously meant that a lot of caps, hats, scarves and any other deterrents I could think of , would come […]

older hair—Time To Care

I got my three sample labels, although they are not matte, i did the photos anyway, due to time constraint. I felt so good being able to make it to my label guy on Wednesday and placing the final order for the labels for the Hair Care Line…needless to say, […]

labels and holidays

I am always amazed at how many details need to be entertained in the production of –anything!! At present I am in the middle of prepping for a book launch–my first AND a Hair Care Product Line launch. Just gathering the info required for metadata for the book had me […]