My mind is always hungry for more information. Here is a selection of reading material that I feel may benefit you on your quest of healing or as a donor or sponsor, to learn more of how the condition of Vitiligo may be assisted in healing by looking at the Soul-Mind-Body connection and stimulating healing on all 3 levels.


THE BIOLOGY OF BELIEF by Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.

A Real Mind opener. This book will help you understand that the environment is what causes change in all cells in the body. That environment extends to your home, business, friends, family, food, air and most importantly your THOUGHTS. Changes in the environment, in any way, changes the cells and all behavior associated with them.



THE ANCESTOR SYNDROME by Anne Ancelin Schutzenberger

That shadow is your Long Lost Relative. Discover patterns that have existed for generations that are still be replicated in your family line and how to become aware of them and change the destiny of your lineage. Transgenerational Psychotherapy may help illuminate diseases, habits and even causes of death.




THE FIELD by Lynne McTaggart

A must read for all who THINK. A look into the studies and research in physics that bring light and truth to how thought is energy, how this energy effects you and those across the planet, how the power of one thought can effect change in hundreds. McTaggart is an essential author to read for the understanding of how we can heal ourselves based on quantum physics.