Catalase & H2O2

Vitiligo is a condition that may never be looked at as a serious dis-ease due to its seemingly only characteristic which presents itself as a “skin condition”. Not serious in the insurance world and most dermatologists offer just a cover it up solution.

What causes skin to turn white in animals? Genetics is one reason, they are programmed that way from birth. We have accepted this cause without really looking into why would a species have to carry a trait for survival?

In humans, there seem to be many assumed causes, including genetic default, nutrition, stress, hereditary and chemical exposure. So it seems each individual has to map out their pre-existence, their ancestry, everything they ate, all the stress factors in their life, every chemical they have been exposed to to find out how they received the condition. Then Vitiligo has many cause, by looking at it that way–but maybe those are not the cause but chain reactions that happen biologically due to a causative factor that is unknown at this time.

Recent research has led one doctor in Germany to a possible cause…the lack of catalase, an enzyme that breaks down Hydrogen Peroxide in the body. Dr. Karin Schallreuter at the Institute for Pigmentary Disorders in Greifswald, Germany is, to my knowledge, the only one who offers a treatment with Narrow Band UVB and a pseudo-catalase cream.
She has been able to achieve remarkable results over the past 20 years with hundreds of people. It appears that the cream and the UVB treatment combined stimulate the melanocytes to start releasing melanin…they can finally do so because the H2O2 levels are eliminated, in her research.

With this mentioned treatment, we now know that the melanin is not lost–just not functioning as it is meant to function. As always–what is “fact and truth” today is changed in generations due to discoveries, so nothing is set in stone until there is a real Cause and Cure…I believe German New Medicine may have discovered the “Why” of the condition. Stay tuned for a page on GNM in the near future.

If one looks at this in a true medical sense—what does H2O2 accumulation do in the human body–well if you have ever put it on a cut–you know. Maybe the over abundance of this harsh chemical is doing more than just turning skin white in people with this condition.
Maybe this build up of H2O2 is wreaking havoc elsewhere and other areas, fats & organs may be being oxidized and bleached much like hair when you go from brown to blonde.

If this condition is truly caused by H2O2 build-up than it is a much more serious condition than cosmetic and should be looked at as such.

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