DNA, the light within

Illness is said to be an imbalance in the body. The ultimate imbalance would be when the DNA is affected or altered, as in certain cancers and genetic dispositions….lot of ancient info coming down the ancestral funnel.

In several Russian studies it has been discovered that DNA is “light” and carries information as fast as light would. DNA has also been known to hold a space, as a vacumm in our cells and when exposed to laser light in certain experiments, the laser light would travel along the twisted body of the DNA strands. Not so amazing, but this is–when the DNA strands were removed, the laser light still danced upon the shape of the DNA in the cells, without the structure of the DNA….like an imprint. One could say that the energy of information from the DNA could continue to effect the environment around it, even after it is gone.

For instance, the energy of information in your deceased Grand Father could hold space and vibration in your DNA and therefore affect you. We also know that energy never ceases it just transforms.

Susan Alexander has recorded the Sound of DNA. It seems that our bodies have a sound, or many, that can actually be heard. We are part of the larger song of the universe. Everything has a frequency (energy, vibration) even the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid. Why and how?

I don’t know, but it may be that the Pyramids are a healing device. A way to get back in sync with the Earth or even the Universe. The King’s Chamber has the frequency of 440 Hz, the ground note of A. It just so happens that the other frequencies in the chamber make up the melodic minor scale of F#. Even more amazing is that the 4 frequencies found in the King’s Chamber are the same frequencies that correspond to the 4 nucleotides of the DNA molecule….hummmmm!

To hear excerpts from Susan Alexanders DNA music or to purchase see the website and for more on the Pyramids and their special tones see Souls of Distortion website.

So much information is available on how sound, frequencies, light and energy are being used today in healing and curing illnesses and conditions. Russia is a forerunner in these types of modalities as is Germany. There is a machine called the Introspect that can read your brain stem and give precise locations, organs, functions and systems that are not functioning properly. I had a short reading on this machine recently and it was revealed to me that the issue of my skin was located in the hypodermis…which is exactly the information I had received in a meditation.

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