Healing anything takes care, caution and time as all 3 levels of a being must be caressed and coaxed into allowing the healing to start and progress. Vitiligo often appears again with flare ups after stressful events in ones life such as a divorce, accident, death of a loved one etc. So care must be taken while doing any healing treatment to observed, recognize and cope with any stressors as just that—a temporary event that can become anything you want.

Why do we choose to have a stressor become a negative thing. We could choose to stop, think and have a different outcome.

My trip to the Dead Sea with Prof. Schallreuter, created a healing attitude in myself that was a first for me. I use to always react with high stress, induced in part by my environment and a parent that handled everything from that stressed place..so naturally my psyche thought I had to do the same –I never had another way shown to me.

The Dead Sea is an amazing place and the healing properties in the water and the area have been renowned for hundreds of years. The mineral content in the air and the water supplements our biological system with the trace minerals it needs to function properly. The air pressure is double due to the below sea level elevations, so oxygen content is double. The feeling one has there is as if nothing can go wrong in the Universe.

I highly recommend contacting The Institute of Pigmentary Disorders  to seek a cure/healing for your vitiligo. My Donate Page/Button collects donations that go directly to individuals seeking this remedy now and if I find other healing methods that are successful as this one is I will post those links here as well and accommodate financial assistance for those as well.

Good Luck in your healing and enjoy the trip that life has to offer.

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