when to trim

I am known for going as long between hair cuts as I possibly can.

One reason is my hair grows so fast it needs to be cut every 2 weeks to look the same. The other is my hairdresser is in CA and I am usually not. That being said, I got my hair cut today and it looks fabulous again. Thank You Mauro of Beverly Hills.

This time I decided to take my own hair care line for them to use to wash my hair with. I only chose the take 1/ CLEAN, because that is usually all my hair needs to be perfectly untangled, healthy and super shiny. So as I sat there and chatted with Mauro, watched my locks form into a much better shape and realized how much a hair cut can change the shape of your face, your appearance and even your age.

So many women have no time to think about their “style”. With work, kids, husbands, all the kid activities and the sheer exhaustion of being a women these days, no wonder so many of us just let the hair go. Or we toss it in a pony tail, barrette or clippy.

That may be effective but I feel sorry for the guys out there that are now getting use to this unglamorous look! We let ourselves go so easy these days–it was much better when we had more time to primp and be gorgeous all day.

BTW—hair is actually dead keratin cells that get pushed out of the scalp. And it is a good idea to keep it trimmed because inside the shaft, any nourishment that is there begins to stop…and the ends of the hair shaft are the first place we notice this.

They get thin, dry and start to split because they are not being fed anymore. Those ends will never mend themselves. There are products that when used make it appear that they have fused back together in a natural way…but when you stop the product use, the dry, split ends reappear.  

So keep it trimmed. It looks healthier that way. You look healthier that way and it feels much better when your man runs his hands through your hair.

Men actually prefer how your hair feels than how you style it.