older hair—Time To Care

I get so many compliments on my hair now that I let it go “natural”.

It was a frightening thought at the start, to let the “roots” grow out. This obviously meant that a lot of caps, hats, scarves and any other deterrents I could think of , would come into play, until it was long enough to cut into a shape.

In the process, I realized how freeing it is not to have to color you hair. I guess one never ever really “has” to color their hair. It is a personal choice every time you do it.

So—new hair, especially grey, would be a different monster unto itself. Mine is a mixture of white and grey hair with my natural ash brown still hanging in their. The way it has grown in is quite amazing. darker in the front and getting whiter towards the back.

This is the reason people come and ask me — How did you get your hair that way? Who does your hair? Your hair is amazing like that?

My response is always the same— this is what happens when you stop coloring your hair!

All that being said. The color process has damaged the hair shaft somewhat and it will take time to grow out that damage. Have patience. Or better yet, go short. It is almost summertime anyway. I had my hair dresser weave in some lighter strands on the top part of my hair and sides. The ones that showed the grey the most.

This helped break up the sharp line of the roots that were growing out. It allowed me to grow it out gracefully.

My hair care  products are perfect for all hair types and especially fabulous and practical for older hair and processed hair. The rich plant oils, fruit extracts, organic ingredients and the lack of synthetic fragrances and harmful alcohols—feed your hair, clean your scalp and smooth the hair shaft without clogging the pores.

The perfect Mother’s Day gift or girlfriend gift.

Joan Severance

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