The Body Code

Our physical being is made of of minute components, that create bigger and bigger components that make up our body. Within the spaces and fluids float transmitters and hormones, that communicate with each other and cause actions or non-actions to occur. Have you ever been scared? Were you aware of the feelings in your body during that fright? It was completely different than before the scare happened. That is because of your reaction – emotion/feeling/thought – sending an immediate message to the appropriate transmitters. They got the message instantly, and went to work preparing you for what was going to happen next. Cause and effect!

We normally focus on physical only. How about reading a book or poem or article that really affects you. If it is a romance novel, you might get sexually aroused. If it is a news story about a tragedy, you may feel angry, sad and cry. If it is a joke, you may burst out in laughter…sometimes uncontrollably. Have you ever stopped to think that how you feel or what you think cause your body to react certain ways.

I know when I am stressed, I speak a different way, I walk a different way,, I can’t eat, I’m in my head, not paying attention to anything but my stressor. THE BODY CODE is a great system of discovery. It allows you to find blocked energy, hiding anywhere in your system, and remove the blockage immediately. It works by asking your body about what is causing our demise while looking at the app chart. You are instantly guided by asking your body and using its response through kinesiology. The answers are yes or no, keeping it simple. The responses guide you through the different pages of the app that encompass, toxins, emotions, all physical components, foods, pollution, etc.. any type of ENERGY.

Till you finally find what is the cause of the original question. When you find the cause, it might be caused by other factors as well – layers and layers. There are usually layers to almost every affliction. When you finally get to the – cause that can be removed at that moment – you simple swipe a magnet from your forehead back across the top of your head to the bottom of your neck.

I have done this so many times now and most of the time I find that the causative factor energy came from an ancestor. See energy can only be transformed never eliminated. So, imagine every relative you have and all their troubles, traumas, tragedies etc. If they never transformed those energies when they were alive, they got passed down the line.

Check out the Body Code website and see if it something you want to try. You can book sessions or buy the system and do it yourself – Good Luck – Joan

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