German New Medicine

A friend of mine turned me onto this and I have to say that it makes sense in the world of how our biological system would function.

So naturally the body would learn how to survive with the least amount of effort to the system. A clever way is to imprint upon several systems at one time a survival mechanism.

This is what German New Medicine speaks about–that the psyche-brain and organ–all get a message at the same time-“instant”- that aid in the survival of the subject…in this case the human. An incident happens that causes a perception in the mind that sparks the need for a certain survival response to be initiated….even though there is no more threat, at certain times, this response continues to occur until the subject discovers the psychological event that cause the survival “track” to be laid down.

All “new” to us in theory but quite normal for the body and how it has learned to function through millennium. GNM has discovered several types of cancers and cancer equivalent dis-eases that have a spot that can be located in the brain with a CT scan. Each one shows up in the precise place according to the type of cancer and emotional/psychological event that took place and the dis-ease presents itself on certain types of tissues.

A very in depth discussion is needed to grasp what this means and the New Medicine website has more info and explanation—but in Vitiligo–which is considered a cancer equivalent dis-ease by GNM it is believed to be a dis-ease of the Ectoderm layer which presents as epithelial ulcers on the underside of the skin (hypodermis). The spot in the brain is located in the Cerebral Sensory Cortex on one or both sides of the brain. The biological meaning is the removal of the backside of the epidermis to better feel the mother, child or partner from whom one is separated. The cause is a conflict of brutal or ugly separation or loss from a loved one.

I might add that this separation can be from a pet, child, parent, friend, a highly respected person or even a doll or house or group of people.

So after hearing all of this–and hopefully reviewing their website—have you ever perceived this type of event…I say perceived because what may be traumatic to you may not be to someone else….think about it and see if when you read further on the subject if you have certain insight into past conflicts like this.

Ask—did your ancestors? As this unresolved energy passes onto generations until resolved.

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