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In nature we have such wide variations in every species on the planet. These variations have allowed for their survival to this point. Maybe they alter their appearance due to soil conditions, temperature variations, survival needs, nutritional depletion as well as other causative factors that could be explained. Survival and nutritional needs may play a role in the human Vitiligo condition and its healing…Welcome to what I hope will become a very positive site for those seeking information and assistance or just an open ear for the condition called Vitiligo.

The images on this page are just a few that represent qualities & nature that humans have associated with. The horse with it’s strength, the bald eagle with freedom , the owl with wisdom, the dog with loyalty, the cat with curiosity, marble with wealth, birch bark with canoes, caladiums with garden beauty and vitiligo with a problem. It may be time to look at Vitiligo as a solution to a biological response, after all there must be a reason the Eagles head and tail are white? Let’s put our heads together and figure out why our body would need to have white spots on it.

If you don’t know what the symptoms look like for this condition they are white patches, usually irregular that appear anywhere on the body. The contrast in pigmented skin against the non-pigmented skin may cause some with the condition to undergo some real challenges in life…unlike the animals and plants above Humans that have white patches are not looked upon as cute and cuddly, wise or strong but rather there is something wrong with them. Would you say that about the wise Owl or Zebra.

In looking at Vitiligo as a biological response…what would that reason be? Doctors are not asking this question, they simply treat the symptom or recommend covering the white spots. Maybe the reason lies within the Body, maybe the Mind or maybe even in the Spirit…most regular doctors choose to look at the body as the culprit. However there are several psychological, emotional and stressful events that many have experienced just prior to white patches appearing.

My hope is that with my efforts and passion about this condition that researches and dermatologists across the globe will focus their attention on cures instead of treatments, will use positive language in dealing with anyone who has this condition and will open up their Minds to the vast possibility that this condition has something to do with stressful events that the individual suffered that has caused their Body to respond in the only way it knows how to–biologically.

I believe that awareness and a positive productive attitude to Vitiligo and its very special people that live with it daily will create the buzz that Diabetes, MS and Lupus have done…. conditions that are associated with Vitiligo.

Help me help others with this condition by Donating today. Funds will go directly to help those that qualify with the financial burden of treating this condition. Most insurance companies do not cover the costs of treatment and consider this a cosmetic concern…however Vitiligo has been linked with MS, Diabetes and Lupus. Those conditions have been in the public eye for a long time and have many organizations that have helped get insurance coverage.

It’s time that Vitiligo join that list as well over 2% of the World population has Vitiligo, it needs a face and voice to be heard…I have chosen to be that person and my story, inspirations, resources, photos etc will follow.

Thanks for your interest and always be kind to those that are different than you as they suffer, for the most part, silently as your thoughts can be felt, those tiny eye movements that show disgust and the tone in the voice all effect those with Vitiligo as well as other conditions out of the “norm”

Joan Severance

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