Life is funny sometimes, when one stops to think and be aware of how you are introduced to someone or meet someone. We often think it is by chance, but discover after meeting, the connections that led to it.

Is there an Overseeing force that has a hold of our strings and guides us to whom we need to meet when we are ready for the encounter, information exchange and events that transpire  upon meeting them?

I am not speaking here of affairs of the heart, rather of affairs that lead to knowledge and possible healing. I met a young man recently at the NY Toy Fair, when I was presenting my game, txTylz, to retailers. Now , this young man had a smile from ear to ear, as if he had a secret, and divulged great information about communication methods that he and I had in common in the form of my game.

Of course that is not the point of the story…but this is…this young happy man handed me his card as well as his sisters card and suggested that I call her to discuss hypnotherapy. Well now he certainly had my attention!!

His sister is one of the leading hypnotherapists in the U. K. and uses her technique for people who wish to undergo surgery of any type, without anesthesia…WHAT?  Yes–that is right, it seems the mind can be coaxed into a state where it is possible to do such a thing and be completely aware of your surroundings, without feeling any pain or experiencing the traumas associated with anesthesia and unconsciousness (loss of self).

I had the pleasure of speaking with Sharon Waxkirsh of MindBeing about how hypnotherapy could be used in healing Vitiligo, after all it has been used in healing other skin conditions with great success. We will be working on getting here over to the States to conduct a group session and subsequent one on one sessions. Stay tuned for dates on that. So was this meeting of chance? Did her Brother have to be at the NYTF to hand me that card? Maybe. Sharon then held up a book to her Skype camera and I  took a screen shot.

The Book?  The WORD as a Physiological and Therapeutic Factor:The Theory and Practice of Psychotherapy According to I.P.Pavlov.

Psychodermatology is a term coined for this exact thing–healing skin dis-orders through hypnotherapy. Now a curious thing here that I discovered was that there exists a state of being that may lend to one having certain skin conditions over others having them….transmarginal inhibition -TMI. This is the bodies SHUT DOWN response to EXTREME and OVERWHELMING STRESS or electric shock. Certain people shut down earlier than others based upon the difference in their nervous system. Can you associate with that in any way? Our discussion sent me on a path of discovering more of this fascinating method.

It seems that people who experience certain types of skin conditions are more sensitive than others. I will take that a step further and say that they are more “nervous”, “high strung”, whether they present that way or not. So that when anymore stimuli is introduced into the system, the system cannot handle it and has to make choices as to which pathways it can sacrifice at that time in order to continue without a complete meltdown. The skin–being the largest organ is usually the one that can take the most without harming the system at large…hence, hives, rashes, itching, pimples etc–occur almost instantly when “stressors” become too much….now take it a step further to EXTREME stress or perceived extreme stress (we all see it differently!) and the choices the body system must make—more serious skin conditions, such as , eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo and alopecia areata (hair loss)- in order to survive.

The examination of this leads me to believe that if we, with the conditions, can find a way to transform stress before it affects us on a physical level, we could prevent and heal these conditions. IGNATIA AMARA is a homeopathic remedy that changed my life when it came to stress. A very insightful chinese medicine doctor noticed through questioning and attitude that I may be one of many whose “ON switch” was turned on and has been “STUCK ” in that position since it was flipped. She gave me a teaspoon of this tasteless water and said she would call me in the morning to see how I was. How many Dr’s call anyone anymore. As promised she did at 11am…and I became aware that I was functioning on the inside completely differently. My explanation to her was: “It is as if I have been driving a Ferrari with the “pedal to the metal” in first gear all my life and when I woke up the gear had finally jumped into 6th and my vehicle speed and machine were in sync.”

And it has been smooth sailing since then–for over 2 years. Amazing insight that a regular medical doctor probably would not have, as they are used to treating symptoms not the cause of the symptoms. That dose reset my nervous system. I also believe that there is a basic imbalance or improper assimilation of Calcium, Manganse and Magnesium when it comes to Vitiligo and the nervous system, solely based on my experience with these minerals at the Dead Sea and with in-home salt baths. Maybe we who have white patches have a difficult time assimilating our minerals through our food…and getting them through the skin is the best way. Dr. Schallreuter’s cream contains Calcium and Manganese chlorides and so does her Dead Sea treatment.

I hope that this information has been helpful and is a guidance for you to seek beyond what is offered, to get in touch with how you feel, how you operate and how you think….as it all plays into what will transpire in your life and on your skin.

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