My hair care

Great hair at any age! Photo by: Bill Curry

I am known for the best hair in the biz!

Throughout my modeling and acting careers the hairdressers have always loved working with me, because of my hair.

It has taken a beating over these decades and still is strong and healthy as it ever was. From hot irons to curling irons – hair spray to mousse… it has been exposed to it all and seems to get better with age.

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I started coloring my hair when I got to Hollywood in the late eighties, to give highlights to my naturally dark tresses for the movie camera. Well, anyone who knows about highlighting, knows it strips color out of your hair and changes the texture of the shaft. In my opinion, this means you need more product to manage your hair and get it back to the feel of healthy hair again, after every wash.

I am constantly asked my secret for strong healthy hair. Do I have one? Yes – I do. The first secret is to tell yourself that your hair is strong and healthy. I have repeated to myself over the years, “I have a lot of hair and each one is thick and strong.” That is secret number one.

Secret number two is- the products I use. After experiencing the stress that highlighting and coloring my hair had on it, I spoke with my hairdresser of the last 30 years or so, Mauro Spina, about coming up with cleaner, healthier, organic products, instead of the detergent based options that exist. He has formulated a salon quality line of products that give my hair the benefits of plant based oils, like Argan, Hemp, and Moringa with as little safe detergent as possible. Mauro has a long line of herbalists in his family and has worked with the best chemists in the biz to bring me the purest product possible to accomplish the needs of cleaning and conditioning any hair type.

Since the age of about 45, I have developed a sensitivity to synthetic perfumes. As I am opposed to a lot of fragrance in products – these contain fragrance derived from organic essential oils, so no synthetic fragrance. Better for me and better for the planet.

I decided to let my natural hair color shine in 2012, after a trip to the Dead Sea for a skin condition that I have that is called Vitiligo. It just didn’t make sense for me to add any more stress on my body systems anymore–so eliminating the toxic effects of hair color was the choice I made. Now growing out the grey was a chore and a challenge. Available Here Now

Embrace your age! Photo by: Michael Higgins

My first thought was that I would just shave my hair off and let it grow in. My manager put a stop to that right away. The second plan was to strip out the color in chunks on the top and then keep doing that until the top was all lighter. That didn’t work due to the amount of color still in my hair. So those pieces broke off. Then I cut my hair shorter and started stripping out the color underneath. I basically had black and whitish striped hair.

       Tons of Hair! Photo By: Arthur Elgort

Now, having salt and pepper, seems to be a difficult decision for a lot of women. My decision was to age gracefully. If I were to keep my hair dark, then I would certainly have to start facial surgery to make the hair and face look the same age. Instead, I can age gracefully, avoid the surgery and look great for my age. Hey, men do it all the time, why can’t we.

Having a positive attitude towards life’s challenges, having the right products for your hair and being open to embracing the YOU that you really aspire to be – are the best secrets any woman can have.

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Joan Severance