Dead Sea Treatment

Who wouldn’t want to go to the Dead Sea for 3 weeks a year to heal?

I can tell you first hand this is a real treat, although an expensive one for those of us in the USA. Meet Professor Schallreuter from the Institute of Pigmentary Disorders at her website

She has been actively pigmenting people for over 20 years now with her pseudo-catalse cream and NB_UVB light, most have seen success and the experience is one that brings hope in this process we call Vitiligo.

You will read about my journey with her and her treatment in my next book.

A beautiful striking woman who has devoted her life to healing us…deserves accolades and praise and hugs and kisses.

The journey starts with a visit, blood test and phenylalanine challenge…some photos for documentation and then you are sent off with cream and a prescription for your light. 2 times a day you slather the cream all over and then stand for her determined time in front of the light—simple and easy to do in the privacy of your home–if you can afford it–insurance may not cover the light and cream for all.

I have had great success with the treatment , although it has slowed due to moving around and not having my NB-UVB light that can come with me–I am getting a small portable unit very soon.

Please do yourself a favor and see her website, make an appointment or at least speak with her on the phone or e-mail if you can. The trip is well worth the experience and you will meet 100’s of great people just like yourself that have been healing their condition.

You will learn to like yourself more with this condition and be filled with hope when you see the pigment start to return when you are there–it does take time for pigment to reach the surface of your skin as the body has it’s processes–so be kind and allow it to happen without getting your thoughts in your way…be positive and as the Professor always says—ENJOY!

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