stress and hair loss

Stress!!!! We have all heard about the detrimental effects that STRESS can have on our systems, health, relationships etc….and I believe it to be true based on my experiences.

The first time I noticed STRESS was when i decided to divorce from my first husband. That decision took me 3 years to make and the day after telling him….I had a huge clump of hair fall out of my head at the top back. This was at the height of my modeling career. Of course I freaked out!! The hairdressers were able to hide the issue and no one ever knew, until the hair grew in—white!

It has been that way ever since. That is what makes the back part of my hair so white, not grey, in appearance. You can’t buy that in a bottle…life deals that card to you.

Looking back I see that my emotional “stress” over leaving my husband kick started a chain of biological reactions, unbeknownst to me, that not only immediately shut off any energy to that section of my scalp but also changed the “color” mechanism in that area for future hair growth. Why that particular spot? I have no idea.

It has been claimed, and I have met a few people who have had a terrible shocking incident or accident, that hair can turn white overnight because of events like these. There could be a limit to how much stress can be handled at one time by any one system in the body.

So, I think stress is a major factor in how your hair looks. The thickness , texture, growth rate and volume of your hair could all be caused by a healthy or stressed system. Changes in hair texture may alert you to check your diet. In volume the alert would be to check your stress levels, internally and externally. If your hair goes from thick to thin, hormonal imbalances could be at play, as DHT and the lack of collagen cause hair loss. If your hair stops growing it could be due to age or your outlook on life.

With all this in mind, why use hair products that stress, dry and/ or damage your hair or your scalp? Absolutely no reason to anymore. The Joan Severance Hair care products nurture your hair, leaving it soft smooth and super silky.

TIP № 1 – it is not necessary to wash your hair everyday! If you must or want to start styling with wet hair out of a shower,just run warm or hot water through your hair, if it isn’t really dirty. This will bring your natural oils from your scalp, down and through your hair.

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