As an interior designer, I am often on the search for special one of a kind items for my clients.

These JS Design Candle Collections were created from the demand of my client wanting exclusive one of kind decor for their homes.

Now you get to benefit from my experience. The candles are big and bold. Scented and unscented. Adorned with metal sheen, metal studs, leather, doe skin and applied details.

Each sits off any surface, as the bottom of each has studs that keep it from contacting any surface.

Some have leather bottoms, some have wax bottoms and some felt.

Each is an original design, although the basic theme applies, the amount of pins and exact design is original.

I make these myself. Sometimes I mold the candles, sometimes I source them. Some are smooth, some are textured.

Check out the designs and sizes that are available on my SHOP.…if you see something you like and want it in another size or color–please reach out for possibilities and pricing.

I am more than open to working with designers and event planners.