My take on Thought creates reality is spoken of again in a recent article at WakingTimes

How DNA can be changed by the power of thought and words–how affirmations work in healing and how anyone can reprogram themselves to heal anything.

Jesus did it long ago and then said “Be as I am”–which–if you believe in Jesus or not–means –you can do the same.

So why don’t we use this magnificent power that we all hold to change things in our lives that we don’t like? Are we lazy? Are we afraid? Are we taught to believe that the power only lies outside us?

Could be all of the above.

Could we as a populous that has this condition, come together and create a dialogue that is so powerful that when it is spoken, the vibration and energy behind and held in the words, will alter the “pattern” that causes this condition? Could we? Would we?

Thanks and I wish you all a soft healing journey.

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