Esogetic Colorpuncture is a non-invasive light therapy that uses frequencies and color on acupuncture points to stimulate instant healing.

Light is the fastest way to transmit, nothing goes faster than it and science has proven that DNA is “light”. DNA is responsible for the instant transmission of signals so that the body can act and react to stimuli. Therefore light would be the best way to stimulate the body to heal. Don’t you always feel better after being out in the sun for a bit? A great article on DNA and light.

Reading The Book of Enoch the Keys of Knowledge a long time ago–I came upon a few verses where it states that this will be the way we heal in the future—well that future is here at last and there a few practitioners of this method in the USA. Although 1st page search engine results in the USA will steer one to the belief that this is all quackery–European and Russian engines will deliver different results–of course–if instant healing can be obtained–the medical profession, hospitals, insurance and pharmaceutical industry would be abolished overnight.

Energy can be read from your fingertips by a Kirlian camera. This camera was invented in 1939 by Semyon and Valentina Kirlian and “electrography” goes back to 1889. Basically the camera is able to pick up an electric charge -“energy patterns” emanating off your fingertips. Peter Mandel went onto create a method of reading the energy emissions and his practice is called Esogetic Colorpuncture.

I had a recent and first session of Colorpuncture at with Kay Vogel. The GDV camera and associated analysis as well as the Kirlian image of my fingertips allows for certain information to be obtained. This information is then shown on charts and diagrams of the body etc so that you can see where imbalances are in the body, mind and spirit…as we are not only a physical being. This process also can show when certain things transpired in your life to cause the imbalances, even prenatal.

My analysis was very informing and corresponded to information I had already–so it was verification for certain things I knew and felt. But the treatment was very cool–I actually felt instant change in my gut as the light was applied to certain points and the next day I had a level of “slow down” inside–hard to explain–sort of like I might have been going to fast inside and this light balanced that–maybe it was metabolism. Now day 2 after the treatment I definitely feel a release of some sort in my intestines…a knot that was there is not there now. I will know more when I go for my follow up treatment and assessment.

This treatment and information I received corresponds to certain Ayurvedic info and German New Medicine info I had read. Especially the Ayurvedic food mention of not eating spicy foods because they cause phlegm…this showed up in the sinuses and respiratory area of the Colorpuncture analysis. I had eaten a very spicy meal just prior to my appointment and my nose was running—the small intestines area showed imbalance as well and could have been due to he spicy phlegm being produced or the irritation to the lining causing inflammation, which showed up on the analysis. Other areas showed imbalance associated with German New Medicine theory that there is a specific mark on areas of the brain that show up on a CT scan and this area is the consequence of biological survival in times of stress. More on German New Medicine.

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