Change the Thought

Change the Result

On a recent exploration of ancestry and genetic traits passed down from generation to generation I realized that Bruce Lipton’s research (Biology of Belief) may hold a key when we look at the “genetic” disposition and coding in Vitiligo.

The studies of genetic cause in Vitiligo has been mentioned yet not proved…but, along that line of thought…it seems they have proved it to be a possible cause–which I think means, that some people may be genetically predisposed. WHY?

That got me thinking! What stress, situations, torture, illness and separations and loss did our ancestors suffer? Imagine the stress of the Great Depression or the Plague, The Irish Famine, WWI or WWII. Imagine how many people lost loved ones, husbands, wives and children in those times. Imagine how many saw horrific death from illness and war. Imagine in the Witch Hunts how many were burned…in the tortures during the Crusades how many were burned. Imagine how many may have suffered Leprosy…burns and Leprosy are very similar in appearance to Vitiligo. Maybe this condition is a ghost of those unresolved illnesses and the separations, symptoms and feelings they caused.

As Bruce Lipton has pointed out in his amazing book Biology of Belief, environment can cause genetic changes, for the good and the bad. He, along with other scientists and researchers has proved that “thought” can instantly be felt and measured with certain instruments and can alter the “environment”. Lynne McTaggart has shown research in her book, The Field, that proves that “thoughts” can be transmitted, basically indefinitely…that they are an energy, like light, that never die, but can be transformed as easily as they began.

environment |enˈvīrənmənt; -ˈvī(ə)rn-|
the surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates.

We can take this definition even smaller and mention cells(as in research cells in petrie dishes) and even smaller—genes and DNA!

So changing the environment would change the person, plant, animal, gene or DNA. By starting with the coding in DNA, which is heavily believed in new scientific research to be the “information” source that holds all and is responsible for those instant reactions in the body, and improving its environment (information) one may be able to create a new and better environment and therefore produce a different outcome.

Think of a Grand Parent or ancestor that is no longer alive. Remember, if you can, some traits and things they told you, habits they had, stories you heard them tell. Now imagine that they, like all of us, didn’t quite reveal how they actually felt about some uncomfortable situations in their life, for instance War, Death, Loss or Separation…but you can imagine how those things would make you feel…probably not much different than how they would have felt. Physical traits are passed down the ancestral line and now science is proving that thoughts and beliefs may be as well.You may hold some of those unresolved thoughts and beliefs and they may be causing certain biological programming that is not serving you.

If thoughts can be altered–have you ever changed your mind—then there is the possibility of biologically reprogramming through new thoughts and beliefs that cause the systems to function according to the new thoughts and beliefs—the new environment! The problem with this is that most of these beliefs are held in our subconscious and we don’t even know they are controlling us in any way. Hypnotherapists are able to touch that subconscious state and help us locate these beliefs and at the same time alter them. Many have accomplished reversal of addictions such as smoking and drugs, release of phobias and personality disorders.

I am working on creating a series of tapes that we with Vitiligo can listen to and reprogram our systems.


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