I have held many titles in my life, from Super Model, Actress, Celebrity, Chef, Restaurant Owner, Game inventor, wife and the most important one is the Voice of Vitiligo. After my second divorce I decided to start taking care of me, my Soul, my Body, my Mind, my Friends and my Family.Often these things can get neglected while in a marriage or on the road to success.

My search started with a long look in the mirror. Yep, I needed to go to the gym, not because of too much weight, rather–everything had gotten a bit lose in the past years. So getting my body back in shape was one of the main things on the To Do list. The image of myself captured my attention. For so long I had disregarded the fact that I had Vitiligo, a condition rather hard to miss, but I had never lived my life as a victim of Vitiligo so I barely noticed it when looking in the mirror—until NOW.Not only was the gym in order, but I finally decided that it was time to do something about these white spots. Of course that search led me to weeks and months on the internet, trying to locate anyone that could help reverse this condition…and I found someone, in Germany of all places…more on that in the Posts and Pages on this site.

I was inspired to tell my story and be the Voice for Vitiligo after meeting an amazing group of people at the Dead Sea in 2012…these special people had been healing themselves for years from Vitiligo with no mention of it in the USA! Their commitments, compassion and curing blew me away and sparked a place in my heart that has grown daily…..I thank them all for hinting that I may be someone that people may listen to…maybe they will be right–I hope so.

One thing I know for sure is that Vitiligo happens to be very selective in who it chooses to appear with..my observation is that it chooses the most beautiful people, both outside, inside and in their heart.

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