Being photographed by the world’s best in the profession, starting at the early age of 16 and while in High School, I worked with local photographers in the Houston are creating some iconic images that represented the era of the mid 70’s.

Moving to Paris at my early graduation from school brought me the opportunity to expand on the collection of work I had commenced and to expand my horizons on so many levels all while seeing Europe and England, meeting incredible people from all walks of life and discovering myself in the process.

Fashion, Beauty, Ads, Covers and Runway encapsulated my life in that industry from 1977-1985 on a daily basis and currently on chosen projects. It has been a great eye opening adventure and one that I would not change for anything. I hold long friendships that started back in 1977 and continue to this day. I run into people I worked with back in the day as they are now working in another area of the profession or the arts. They and I have transformed with the industry and within the industry and provide great guidance for those who seek our knowledge.

Enjoy the images from my past Modeling days on the pages here – AdsBeauty FashionCovers.

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Joan Severance