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German New Medicine has a unique and new approach to Vitiligo as well as many other illnesses. GNM has proven with CAT scans that Vitiligo has a  psychological imprint in a certain area of the Brain. The premise being that an initial biological response created a path or outlet for the next time the psychological event occurred….sort of like a pressure valve. I find this to be very interesting, first that there is a point in the brain that can be viewed that is there in all with Vitiligo and second that our body is genius in its protection of its life….I feel this holds validity and should be explored further.

Wanakee Hill is a Naturopath who has created a protocol that I feel has some merit in healing Vitiligo. Check her out at her website and discover some insights, herbs and oils that work. The Wellness Well. I have used her cream, herbal supplements and boosting oil with NB-UVB and regular sunlight and have seen that there is  definite pigment returning in difficult areas like the hands. Wanakee healed herself of Vitiligo with her protocol.

Acupuncture I believe can assist in healing by opening up meridians that are blocked. Energy and signals need to flow in the manner in which they were meant to flow or chaos can happen. Chinese Medicine has many herbal formulas it combines with acupuncture and diet that may help reverse Vitiligo.

The Merry Clinic has a Vitiligo protocol that involves Chinese Herbs, Psorelea olis and Omega oils…definitely worth looking into for the whole body approach.

Current research finds a protein that could reverse the condition, HS proteins…heat shock proteins…more on the research here.

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