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Manifest Your Mate: a journey for attraction is a vital source for those who are serious about getting the man of their dreams into their life!

Transform the way you think!

The book guides you through creating your next mate like an artist creates a painting.

It supplies all the tools you need to create your mate and have him delivered by a date that you decide.

Available at most online retailers or ask for it at your local bookstore!

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Here’s an excerpt.

Why can’t you get exactly what it is you want? Maybe because you don’t really know what it is you want. You probably have very clear ideas of what you don’t want. You might have vague ideas, but not specific ones of what you want.

Tall, dark and handsome is very vague—and would deliver millions of men to your door. A more specific statement would be: I want to meet someone who is 6′ 2″, slender athletic build, light brown skin, blue eyes and resembles Brad Pitt, has Will Smith’s smile, and Jack Black’s humor. That statement narrows down the order a bit. As you get more and more specific about who you want to attract to you, you will see that these people will appear in your life in miraculous ways.

Imagine the Universe as a big bank in the sky. It has only three types of deposit/withdrawal slips to be filled out. They are titled Definitely, Maybe and Definitely Not. This bank has an even quicker and easier way to do your banking than an ATM machine or online banking. It uses your words! Whether they are spoken, thought or written. It is programmed to give you what it is you desire as quickly as possible based on certain specific criteria you enter on the slips—dates, traits, amounts, etc. So being very specific on the proper Universal slip is the first important step when doing business with this institution.

This book will allow you to see where you are not specific enough in your requests. It creates a space for you to become specific and allow you to express your desires to achieve reality in the shortest time possible within a serious but light-hearted format.

The Law of Attraction does work. Many a book has been written about this. The big one I remember is the Bible with—Ask and you shall receive. So why don’t we believe this or use it to our advantage every minute of the day?

My open mind and curiosity when it comes to unknown and unseen forces led to a man named Boaz Rauchwerger. His 31 Day Charge program is the first thing I did in my search for the powers that guide this Law of Attraction. Every day for 31 days, or whatever the month holds, upon waking I would listen to his advice for that day then try to implement it.

At the end of the 31 Day Charge I sat down and wrote a decree stating what I wanted. I stated my name and desire. In this instance, it was for a certain dollar amount to be a spokesperson for any product. I gave a deadline for the delivery of my desire. Almost immediately a friend said he knew of someone looking for a spokesperson for their skin care line. Happily, I suggested to receive something in writing.

Twenty-seven days later I received a letter in the mail from the person that my friend had put me in contact with. The letter was an offer. The offer was for the exact amount and position that I had put in my decree. My mouth fell agape. I smiled from ear to ear. I couldn’t stop laughing at the realization of the simplicity and orchestration of what had transpired over the last almost thirty days. Surrounding myself with the knowledge of this power I knew existed, I sat back with a big sigh of responsibility.

This all sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, my first attempt delivered exactly what I asked for but did not deliver the money. In my decree, I had only asked for the offer. I wasn’t specific enough to put that I would sign a contract, perform the work and receive payment.

So, you can see, being specific and intentional, can bring you exactly what you want….even in a mate. Slipping up on one thing, can halt the process. 

Enjoy the book and the process of creating your mate!