Ones Environment causes genetic change even after birth – a new science discovery!

It once was believed that the World was flat. Now we know it is not. It was believed that Earth rotated around the Sun, now we know it does not. Science and Humans are constantly discovering new beliefs that slam the previous notions in the face.
Signal Transduction and Epigenetics are the two new discoveries that will alter the way we deal with our health issues, personality disorders and Spiritual beliefs in the future.

Signal transduction science looks at the biochemical pathways which cells function and react and finds that the behavior is directly related to the perception of the environment. This has now been proven on the molecular level and cellular levels. Our Beliefs(perception) have a direct effect on our Biological processes.

The Biology of Belief by BRUCE LIPTON is a must read to grasp what science has known for a while. It will help you understand and may help you to start changing some beliefs that are harming you and your health, relationships and attitude.

Epigenetics science studies how genes react, modify and regulate to environmental signals. Signals such as foods, pollution, music and thoughts. So what we think makes our genes react or change. Perception or belief creates a physical change in our genes.This can work both ways…we can create an illness or we can get rid of it just by changing our thoughts, changing our foods, changing our environment.

An experiment for Vitiligo could be started by gathering a group of people with this condition, discover and transform old beliefs into new belief statements that could reverse the condition. Healing the cause of conditions goes beyond a cure, it changes the life of the individual and how others perceive them. We are learning that our environment is effected by our emotions, thoughts, beliefs and feelings and those of others.

If beliefs (perceptions, thoughts) are energy and energy cannot be destroyed only transformed, then all Thoughts, Beliefs and Perceptions of everyone, including your ancestors could be stored in your energy (body). As many autoimmune conditions have no medical reason-maybe the reason is not from now but from the beliefs, actions, reactions etc of the ancestors. Think about it!

A lot of us grew up with movies, books and characters that had super powers and we were amazed and entertained, we would wear capes and rings and things that we believed could help us gain those powers, because the creators of the shows or books made the characters in them have to put something on.

That something is a BELIEF…put a new belief on and you get super powers that are different than the ones you had before you got the new belief or superman cape.

A simple adjustment–you can go around wearing a SuperMan Cape or you can simply change your belief that you are superman.
I opt for the latter!
How about you—

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