how Hair works

The hair we see on our head ,or body for that matter,  starts out as simple keratin cells in the hypodermis. The dermal papilla nourishes the keratin cells with blood flow filled with nutrients, allowing the keratin cells to push up and within the root to cause the hair shaft to protrude the follicle to the exposed hair we see.

The hair shaft itself is made of dead keratin cells and is the part we see. The living part of the hair is under the scalp. So keeping the follicle opening clear of build up and dead skin is a good idea, so the tip of the shaft has an easy path to exit the follicle. Also using products that do not dry out the scalp or hair, will keep hair looking young and feeling soft and smooth, as well as clearing that follicle so the shaft is not impeded.

The outside layer of the hair shaft is made up of a scales, that resemble roofing shingles or fish scales. When hair is processed these scales stand up and away from the shaft, creating a course and porous texture. The use of harsh detergents in shampoos, does the same thing. That is why most shampoos need a conditioner, so the shaft scales lay flat again. The Joan Severance hair care products are filled with plant oils and extracts that smooth down even the most processed hair shaft in the shampoo phase…for some, the need of conditioner is not needed after using our take 1/ clean hair wash. Shop Now

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