I am always amazed at how many details need to be entertained in the production of –anything!!

At present I am in the middle of prepping for a book launch–my first AND a Hair Care Product Line launch.

Just gathering the info required for metadata for the book had me twirling and tossing for many nights in a row.

The cover was another challenge, even though I had someone working on it – the back and forth was tremendous and it took longer than I expected. Then when the final version came in today—I noticed the subtitle was WRONG!!! WHAT!!! How could I let that slip by me through all the edits….glad I caught it and glad that Cher, my designer, was ready and able to fix it and toss it back in my court so I could upload it to Ingram.

Needless to say it has been a long day already and it is only Noon:)

The other project of my Hair Care line has me dealing with the design and sizing of the labels. So much information has to be placed on these  bottles– finally, we have nailed down the final designs and they are off to the printer to get one offs to test for color accuracy, before we order thousands of them.

This next few days involves product shots, shots of me with the book, and social media videos…all while I am moving from one location to another….and did I mention I am doing my taxes as well….YIKES!!!! Need a vacation before the book launch happens.

Glad the weekend is here—enjoy it for me will you!