labels and holidays

I got my three sample labels, although they are not matte, i did the photos anyway, due to time constraint.

I felt so good being able to make it to my label guy on Wednesday and placing the final order for the labels for the Hair Care Line…needless to say, it did no good. By the time he uploaded all info into the computer system, it was Good Friday, and  a holiday. meanwhile, the production of the labels was just in the next room. Is it really necessary, all this innovative computer technology?

When I met John Mindle from US Label, back in 2012, the system was not computerized and void of human interaction, except inputting data. When I saw him again this past month. He was inundated with “input data” and his desk was filled with paperwork. Does computerization make thing happen faster? In my case, absolutely not. The fact that he could not just walk in with the order, have me hand approve it after writing it up, and then stick it in a pile, made my order be delayed by at least 7 days.

I now get a link to click and approve. Totally void of the human soul. Sad to me. Doesn’t make the process faster or even more pleasant. Just dissected from each other.

I know that the labels for this product will arrive when they need to. I know that I will survive through the process and that John, although dealing with some personal issues of life and death, will make it through as well. But the one thing I immediately noticed when I walked into his office, was the lack of human connection that was definitely there last I had met him.

Please reach out by phone call to those you care about. The voice has a frequency that is unique and heals or hurts. An e-mail has the frequency of the internet, which has nothing to do with the human soul and can be interpreted in so many different ways.