Tooth Polish



I have been using this Dental Powder forever it seems. I like it because it is Fluoride free and is a powder so I can take it in my carry on. I do a lot of traveling and I find it difficult to find my products in small sizes sometimes. So this is the perfect paste!

It can be used alone. I mix it sometimes with raw coconut oil for more of a paste feel. Either way it does the trick of cleaning your teeth, freshening breath and can be taken on your carry on.

I save small containers that i can place some raw coconut oil in when I travel. One of these jars can last a very long time. The coconut oil is a great hand moisturizer too. Or even a body lotion.  And if you ever need some oil for cooking, it can be used for that as well – of course without the tooth powder!!

** Any raw coconut oil will do. Best when it is hard instead of liquid. So in hot temperatures you may wish to store it in the fridge.