Natural Look

When I do use make-up, I usually go for the super natural look. Of course that means I need some products. I try to limit my make-up products and spend more on skin care. My routine for my Natural Look is pretty simple and consists of few items. I have a brow pencil, a concealer of sorts, mascara, a bronzer, lip pencil and Lip Plumping Balm.

After I have cleaned my face I apply raw coconut oil. I use a damp wash cloth with warm water to remove some of the oil if I am applying make-up right away. I start with my eyebrows by filling them in lightly but evenly with Anastasia  Beverly Hills Brow Wiz – Med or Dark Brown. I like this pencil and brush system however I find that the brush part breaks off quite easily and the pencil does not last too long. There may be better ones out there but I haven;t found one I like.

Then I move onto my lip line. Now ,I need to do a lip line because my line is very faint. I apply my favorite MAC Lip Liner – Plum, Dervish or Half Red – and smear the line in towards the center of of my lips. Then lightly fill in the lip with the same color. I take my finger and smush the color in. Because I do not use a lipstick, I will lightly brush over the line – so it stays on all day- before I apply my Lip Plumping Balm.

Then sometimes, if needed I will take a Propencil, like Anastasia’s and lightly outline the lip on the skin side of my lip. That is usually only if when I was smearing the line, a bit got on the skin. It comes in handy for touching up dark spots or blemishes as well.

Now it is time for my ZULU Luxe Concealer. I love this product because it goes well with my skin tone and isn’t heavy. I apply it with a brush, so that I can work it in well and into small areas around my eyes. There are several shades and sometimes depending on the amount of sun I have been in, I might mix two colors together to get the right skin tone. I use this at the corner of my eyes to mask the darkness there. I also work it in from the ridge of my eye socket toward my nose, sort of in a triangle so that it blends the normal skin tone to the whiteness under my eyes.

Sometimes I will just leave it as is at this point or put a Dermaquest Powder over it. I use 5n in that area. It is just light enough but not too light.  Then I use this fabulous HourGlass Lightening Powder. This stuff seems to deflect light so that when you are being photographed with digital cameras – the light is refracted and it sort of takes the wrinkles away in the pictures. I brush the powder from my cheekbone in towards the center of my eye on both sides of my face. It just seems to make my face pop and look alive.

I finish everything off by going over my face with my favorite bronzer. NARS Laguna Bronzer. I even out my face and neck with this and it ends up looking like a natural tan all over.

Now that all the powder is out of the way I apply my Sorme Natural Nude 7 SmearProof Lip Liner to the under part of my eyes at the lash. This color works great for eyes and lips. It looks really natural on me and tends to make my eyes look bluer. The I apply my mascara. I currently use L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara – not the waterproof one – in a Brown Black. I haven’t really found a fabulous mascara that stays on, lengthens and doesn’t clump. Still looking. L’Oreal use to make a great one, but they changed the formula and now it is like tubes of mascara on each lash. I used it and my lashes fell out. So this one works well for now.