Fresh Mint Peel

Here is another very affordable way to care for your skin. This Cucumber Peel off Mask is something I have used for decades. It lasts a long time and can be found at most drug stores. The Rosewater might be a bit more difficult to find, but I have located it at most Whole Food Stores or Natural Grocers or Natural Food stores. Any brand will do. Just check the ingredients. You want it made from Essential oils from rose.

Never do this mask after you have done the SCRUBS. It will not feel good. So about every 3 weeks I do this Peel Off Mask, them spritz with the rosewater then follow with the a scrub and Vitamin C serum. Of course I use my  Facial Spa as directed, in my routine too.

Remove any make-up and use a wash cloth with warm water on your face for 30 seconds. Apply the Peel Off Mask on your face and neck. Thick enough so you can actually peel it off. If it is too thinly applied it won’t peel well. Avoid your hairline and eyebrows, and of course avoid your eyes and eye lids. Let dry completely. You will feel when it is drying because it will tighten. Touch it to see if it is dry everywhere before you peel it off. Start anywhere you wish to. Remove it by picking slightly at an edge. Once you have the mask work your fingers so that you are peeling it off in as large as sheets as possible. Remove it all off your face.

Use the wash cloth with warm water again to go over your face and neck to make sure all the mask is off. Spritz your face and neck with the rose water and if you wish apply your moisturizer of choice or try  Celltrex Ultra Recovery Fluid, one of my Severance Beauty Faves.