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When I think of Robin, I think of a friend, food, fun, conversation, wisdom, excitement, travel, extravagance, elegance, wine, champagne and experiences.

Robin and I became friends back in 1984 when I saw him at Regine’s NYC with an empty glass of Champagne. I went over to him and asked if he would like a refill – cause the service in the place was lousy. I grabbed his glass, walked behind the bar, opened some Dom and poured. I think he liked my Texas style. Still friends till this day. What does one give someone like Robin, who truly does have everything. You give him the gift of experience. I introduced Robin to the charms, flavors and sights of the Tuscan region of Italy way back in 2003. He goes there every summer now.

He is responsible for me being in the acting biz. One dinner he took off my Susan Bennis Warren Edwards pump, poured champagne in it, toasted my new future and right before he sipped from it he said. ” Now get your butt out to Hollywood young lady.” I survived and have had a long career in the biz but my poor shoe had to be retired.

I loved his show, Lifestyle’s of the Rich & Famous and got to host one down in the Virgin Islands somewhere. That was a great trip. It seems whatever Robin gets involved in, turns to gold! His new LuxeVegas is everything you want or need to know about Las Vegas. Robin is Mr. Las Vegas.

I love you Robin Leach, you inspire me!

Still the journalist, check him out on The Review Journal and Twitter and watch his show at LuxeVegas

In his words:

I’m an entertainment journalist and still loving my work 60-years on! It began in Britain at age 15 with the Harrow Observer and Daily Mail before moving to the USA  in 1963 to work for the NY Daily News  before becoming USA show business editor for Rupert Murdoch’s global publications. I helped start Entertainment Tonight in 1981 and then Lifestyle’s of the Rich & Famous in 1984 as a weekly series after three 1983 specials.  I moved to Las Vegas in 1999  and love both the city and its community.