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I first met Richard Buchner at a trade show in Nashville 2012, when I was pitching my game txTylz™. We became instant friends when he consistently beat me at his game of Albert’s Insomnia.

A brilliant math game to help teach kids math – and I can add – adults can learn a thing or two about it as well.

Rich has a passion to get kids to like learning math. I think he has succeeded with this little game, which is actually homework with competition attached. Albert’s Insomnia makes math learning fun, challenges your speed and calculation abilities – makes you think and grow new brain cells.

Another passion includes saving the world from the lion fish invasion. read more about that below.

I love you Richard Buchner, you inspire me!

Check out the fantastic things Albert’s Insomnia is doing across our nation  at  albertsinsomnia.com

In his own words:

I created Albert’s Insomnia when I was in the 3rd grade. 

It was a fun way to learn math facts fun and also gave me strong fact fluency skills.
Every teacher I meet, even college professors tell me, “My students do not know their math facts.”  I made Albert’s Insomnia to gamify the foundation of math education, to help address the 50 year trend of declining math scores in the USA. 

According to research, “The single best early indicator for how well a student performs in math on the SAT is how that student performed in 3rd grade.”  We had schools report a 23% gain in math scores in two weeks from playing Albert’s Insomnia and another trial reported a 33% increase in the number of students exceeding the standard on the state exam! 

We hope to re-engage the parents and community in education through our new relay race style contest through local businesses sponsoring prizes for the players, their parents, and teachers.

My next passion is to start shooting a reality show addressing the invasive lion fish problem which is destroying the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, and the Atlantic ecosystems. I have met and discussed with Doug Stanley, director of “Deadliest Catch.” Doug loved my idea and wants to help!