jewels – Gina Sigman – California

Gina and I went to school together back in Texas, so we go way back. After losing touch with her for years, we connected again when she invited me to speak at our old Junior High. I jumped at the chance and had a blast at that school fair. Gina has been a nurse all her life. Helping others seems to be her life path and passion.

We recently had dinner in Los Angeles and she gifted me with one of her cabochon creations. Her Save My Neck line of jewelry is precious in more ways than one. First she creates the art images. Then sizes them down and puts them into these cute little glass pendants. The intricacy of the work is amazing and the designs are varied enough that every style could sport one. I love the image she chose to gift me with, pink roses. The tree on the back reminds me that we are all part of the Tree of Life and connected by the roots that are seldom seen, but certainly felt.

Gina is currently in a situation where the doctors can’t seem to find what is causing her symptoms. We spoke and discovered that my cousin had the exact same thing and after a year of seeking every wrong remedy in the book, she finally discovered the issue. This rare condition seems to be affecting more and more people. It is a condition where your blood tests show massive imbalance in the calcium readings from the thyroid tests. The condition is called Hyperparathyroidism.

My wish is that each of you who visit this page , please purchase a Save My Neck piece from her. After all the years of caring for others, she is in need of some outreach and tender loving care herself.


I love you Gina Sigman, you inspire me!

Purchase a Save My Neck piece.

In her own words: I used to get bored during staff meetings at the clinic I worked at.  I developed a bad habit: drawing, when I should have been paying attention.  Actually, I’ve had this “bad habit” since 2nd grade.  Thus, the name of my gallery.  Four years ago, I found an app on my Galaxy phone, called Sketchbook Pro.  It has everything I need for portable drawing and sketching without having to carry an art studio around. It has opened the doors and windows of my creative mind and unleashed them to the public.

I wish that those who wear my pieces experience the joy and pleasure, catharsis, inspiration and the healing that color brings.

Cabochon necklaces are my next creations! There is one shown on this page. I have already started making a few.  I’ve been giving them as gifts to friends and making some for charities.  I’m currently exploring the idea of an online shop to sell them.

I think passion drives life. Some of mine are:  I love to bake and decorated cakes. Dancing! I started at the old age of 14. I love dancing.  I was a competitive west coast swing dancer for 10 years during my 40’s.  I danced in the Sleeping Beauty ballet 2 years ago.  One thing I’ve learned—I never let anyone tell me I can’t do something or I am too OLD.