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I first met Mary Shriver back in 1986. I had moved to Los Angeles and at the suggestion of someone I had  met a few weeks earlier in Switzerland, landed at a house of a Mr. Brown. Arriving there I was greeted by Mary and her friend Charis. We shared that house for a while and then moved up Sunset Plaza Dr to another. Then we lost touch. As our lives took different turns.

After my last divorce I found myself in Los Angeles again. Through a Facebook invite I discovered my friend    Mary Shriver again. She happened to be living three doors down from where I was staying at the time.

When we finally got together, it was as if no time had passed. I love the kismet energy that follows me and stirs up friends when I need them. She introduced me to TRE®. What an eye opening experience that was. To understand that the body holds stress that we pack away in it over all the years of our life, can make you weep. Of course the reason that it gets packed away is that we have no time to deal with it or we are not allowed to. This is a technique that I think needs to be taught to everyone. We all need a way to release stress, especially the stress that is buried deep inside of us. The stress that drives our body and mind. If we could live stress free, what would that feel like? Try TRE® once and you will be hooked. Give my friend Mary a call and schedule through Skype, Zoom or in person.

I wish you all health, happiness and a stress free life from this point forward.

I love you Mary Shriver, you inspire me!

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Check out the web at Shake off Stress and scroll down and watch the videos–you will see TRE® in action.

In her own words:  

Imagine realizing one day that you’d spent the last half century of your life hidden from your true self. Now, imagine what it would feel like to peel a  condom off your being and embody what it means to be alive (oh, yes, I did).  That’s what happened to me 5 years ago.

After investing 15 long years in my marriage, I woke up one cruel morning to find that my husband had a new wife waiting in the wings.  Though, I still needed to shut down for a few weeks, had I not already found a reliable tool for coping with overwhelming stress, I fear to think what might have happened to me. Luckily I had already discovered TRE® (Tension, Stress and Trauma Releasing).  It had already started increasing my capacity and resilience, so my recovery was swift and transformative.

If you are someone who feels stuck or stressed in your life and would like to learn some a self-care techniques for transforming your life – give me a shout. I promise there is a way through… as long as you are willing to work hard and try something radically new.