food – Citrus Etoille – Paris


This is my favorite restaurant in the world thus far, it makes me want to move to Paris so I can eat there more often. Citrus Etoille is the creation of Gilles and Elizabeth Epié.

This sexy dynamic duo is too hot to handle. The pure joy and beauty that radiate off Elizabeth captures you as soon as you walk in the place. Then Gilles strolls out of the kitchen and his sex appeal can literally drop you to your knees.

Together they create an even sexier atmosphere to tantalize all your senses.

The color scheme is simple and elegant – just like the food Gilles prepares. 

He has cooked for Kings and Queens, Presidents and Celebrities and ME!!

I was honored to present him the James Beard award late 2016.

I love you Gilles and Elizabeth Epié, you inspire me!

Check out the spectacularness of Citrus Etoille

A little about Gilles:   Chef Epié started working at the age of 14 and trained with Roger Jaloux the iconic chef restaurant Paul Bocuse and Alain Senderens. He continued his career alongside Jean-Pierre Coffe at La Ciboulette. After he traveled the world and learned its cuisine he returned to Paris to receive the Michelin Star in 1989 at the young age of 22 (he still holds the record for youngest chef ever to receive the star).  Before joining François Clerc in La Vieille Fontaine – Maison Laffite as head , they get a second Michelin star.

Gilles Epié currently owns and runs Citrus Etoile (opened August 2005) with his wife former model/actress Elizabeth Epié. NY Times & Condé Nast Travel listed Citrus Etoile as a “must visit” new restaurant in Paris 2006. Condé Nast Traveler 2006 named Citrus Etoile as one of the Top 100 Hot Restaurants In The World. Citrus Etoile was chosen to be a member of the Châteaux & Hotels Collection – Tables remarquables in 2007. Best Restaurant in Paris to do “a business lunch” 2008.