cool things – Enagi – Denmark

After repeated conversations with the Co Founder and CEO, Jesper Bendsen, and his partner, Helena Kalsmose, I still don’t know the secret, but I think it works with the universal energy. By having this energy device in your presence or even in a room, you are doing the world a favor by tuning the energy, shifting subtle energies in people, plants and places.

This is a special tool that I carry with me at all times. It lifts your energy level and makes you happy!

I met these two at a recent LA Expo for Consciousness. They had me lay on a mat and place the Enagi shape on my seven chakras. I can tell you that, time was warped. I felt so peaceful even among the noise of the room. My rush to get out of there was eliminated and all I wanted to do was sit and be with these beautiful people in this beautiful feeling. I did finally reconnect with them recently in CA again. The smiles and energy that emit from them is contagious. Whatever they are doing, it shows on their faces and beams from their bodies. I just want more of being around them when I see them.

I hope to see some great ways to incorporate this energy in building materials, materials and even beauty products.Helena gave me some crushed crystals of Enagi and I mixed them with a special oil, put them on my face and neck. I have to say that my skin felt and looked better the next day.


I love you Jesper and Helena, you inspire me!      

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In his own words: We create good vibes in the world by spreading technology that gives people more and better quality of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy.

The technology: ENAGI crystal is not just a crystal that contains strengthening and healing qualities, as all crystals do. All regular (non-conductive) crystals have their own qualities or vibrations that can positively affect humans, but only for a very short time before they need to be purified and charged again. Our field crystals do not have these requirements. They contain a field that has been transferred from a machine to the fluorite crystal, and which, depending on the crystal’s weight and size, has a range of between 50 cm and 3 meters. It is primarily the field’s actions and effects that are particular to the ENAGI crystal, and since one of the field’s many qualities is 24/7 nonstop automatic elimination of all disruptive energies, the ENAGI crystal also differs from other crystals in that it does not need to be cleaned. It cleans itself in the field that surrounds it and all other crystals and objects and people who come into physical contact with it and the field’s range.