cool thing – Parfume Lab – Kiev

When It comes to special things that have occurred in my life, this is one of the top five!

I truly hope that every woman or man who reads this, nudges their better half, fiance or partner in the direction of One of a Kind gifts.

Yevgen Lazarchuk, at Perfume Lab in Kiev, Russia is an expert at making scents.

His American name would be Eugene, but I prefer his real name because is sounds like Evan, my nephew’s name. I had reached out to artists to represent me in an artistic way for my next book which covers the topic of Vitiligo, a condition I have had since childhood. They were to express this condition in their art. He crafted a delicious fragrance for that artistic expression. Then sent it to me and I wept. This is one of the most precious gifts I could have ever dreamed to have received. The “art” is to be eventually included in my book. Still having trouble with figuring out how to achieve that with a fragrance.

Although never meeting this man I can make a prediction that when I do I will find him to be kind, generous, talented, creative, concerned, poignant and respectful. because those are qualities that are enhanced in me with this perfume. Among Ukrainian perfumers he is the most daring experimenter in terms of unusual notes or raw materials. He has been creating fragrances both personal and niche for about 10 years.

I love you Yevgen Lazarchuk, you inspire me!

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In his own words: I think that making scents, is my destiny. Perfumery is a closed world—even on the Internet, there is very little information. I was invited to perfume and everything was easy for me. It is very important that your love what you do as it creates your way of life.

I really want my perfumes to please people. And that they instill in them a higher aesthetic level.

Perhaps my biggest passion is that inspiration does not leave me for the rest of my life. I’ve always been very lucky with inspiration. God loves me. I really love vintages. Especially the spike. Just recently came from the Milan exhibition of niche perfume. Frankly: I was bored. But how much fun it was when I got to the collection of vintages.

I am very concerned for my country. I am proud of the Ukrainians and I want everything in my country to become better and thriving. In the meantime , I am making fragrances. My specialty notes are those of—leather.