book- Conner, Brave & Kind – NewYork

by Markham Anderson


When I meet people like Markham and Conner I know how blessed I am. These two remarkable human beings continue through life’s ups and downs as if it were a breeze. My eyes have opened more because of these two, my heart as well.

You never know what a friendship on Facebook can bring, for me , it brought these two loving souls.

So touched by this story, the courage and love that they share. Wanted you to be aware of it.

I love you Markham and Conner, you inspire me!

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I am a single father, a disabled former Marine, raising my autistic son (age 12) by myself since Connor was a baby. We are from Houston, Texas but live in upstate NY now. I brought my son here for help and its been a Godsend. He is making so much progress, but still

I wrote a book, really a love letter, to my son entitled: “Connor, Brave & Kind.” It is not a how-to book, or a book talking about treatments or cures… is a collection of heartwarming stories and lessons told from my down home Southern perspective and illuminating what lays behind those bright blue eyes and amazing smile of my beautiful and very sweet son.
I wish to bring awareness to both parents of special needs kids and just to everyday people who don’t yet “get it.” The struggles, the pain, the anguish, the dreaded “not knowing” and the ever-present question mark that hangs in the air 24/7: “What happens to my kid…when dad’s gone?”

I have nightmares about that day, and I want to open eyes and hearts. Autism is an epidemic that will soon start touching lives of lawmaker’s families very soon just by way of simple math. Maybe then government will open up its pocketbooks, because our kids matter, too.
I want to give hope. I want to let people know that autism does not have to DEFINE you or your precious kid!