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I met Lynne in Taos a few years ago when I walked into Ed Sandoval’s studio.She instantly recognized me from when I use to live in Taos. We gabbed about the past and present and dreamed into the future. Lynne is a super classy lady, beautiful, talented and funny with a fabulous South African accent.

I love that she gives insight into the lives and happenings in Taos, NM, through her blog-a-zine

She covers everything from emerging talents in all areas to fine dining and crazy lifestyles – she really captures the feel of the place and anyone who is planning a visit should definitely check out the blog.

This is one of the most courageous woman I know on the planet!

I love you Lynne Robinson, you inspire me!

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In her own words:

Growing up in Cape Town, I painted all my life and began working as a makeup artist in my teens in print and film, but after moving to the U.S. in 1974, I spent many years working in the music Industry (in NYC) as a writer, publicist and artist’s manager before moving to Taos in 1990. While in the City, I continued to pick up makeup gigs due to long time connections in the Fashion Industry, but Music and Fashion have always connected so it wasn’t really a stretch. As an artist I’ve never felt limited by any one medium.

My 1978 interview with Bob Dylan, a major style setter himself, is included in Younger Than That Now: The Collected Interviews With Bob Dylan. Avalon Press.

During the 80’s, when I lived in NYC, I co-published and edited an Indie music zine called X-Posure. It covered the Anti-Folk scene on the Lower East Side, that Mainstream Music Media by and large ignored, except for Jon Pareles at the New York Times. Mr. Pareles wrote about Anti-Folk because I somehow persuaded him (and Bob Dylan among others)  to come and see Lach, Anti-Folk’s kingpin, who I  managed at the time. Mr. Dylan, needless to say, did not take kindly to being used as a publicity stunt.

Nevertheless, Anti-Folk and our little zine found its way to far flung places, engaging many with its infectious, alternative appeal. Today Lach has a BBC Radio Show.

taoStyle was conceived in the same light – an online zine that would bring Taos and its diverse and bohemian spirit to kindred souls, wherever you may be.

The blog is now shared by the Town Of Taos’ Website,, under Insider Tips.