artist Sybil Hill – Aspen

Sybil Hill creating “Freedom”

I love horses. I love mountains. I love the USA. I love Freedom. I love expression

Sybil Hill’s masterpieces encompass all of the above and I feel strong when I am among her works.

This beautiful woman, mother, wife and artist is an incredible soul walking this planet. Every stroke of her brush has passion behind it that pours onto the medium she chooses to express on.

We met in Aspen at the Farmer’s Market where she was showing off her goodies. An instant bond for her and her expressions was formed.

I love you Sybil Hill, you inspire me!


Check out her works at her website

In her own words: I paint because this “gift” provides a “Freedom…” to do what I love… Artistry, life’s pleasures, family-time or being outdoors with nature, God and my dogs.

I’ve been given a gift that makes people feel lifted in a positive way… almost “ healing” (as I’ve been told) by my paintings, subjects I paint like the American Flags, Horses and Buddha.. which are recurring “themes” created in positive style of thought and grace.

Two very important aspects of my Art are the weathered and worn American flags which I uses in my paintings… preserving the “American Spirit” in a unique way….  Another is the donating of my paintings to help raise awareness/raise money for Animals and Children causes. Each client and each painting brings a new opportunity to connect with purpose… Living among the majestic mountains of Colorado offers me a clarity of creative ideas that come forth, both intuitively and collectively.My journey as an artist is one I honor daily with the positive balance of working at home/studio and closely with the Galleries and Collectors that support me.