artist Ed Sandoval – Taos

The Feeling of Monet

I have been a lucky girl in my life! To have experienced and seen some of the finest art on the planet.

What inspires me about a piece of art is a feeling I get inside when I see it.

When I am around Ed Sandoval’s work – I feel good. I feel as if I am in Taos, NM. I can feel the cool air on my skin.

I can smell the cottonwoods. I can hear the leaves or gravel crunch beneath my feet.

Ed Sandoval is an experience himself. His eccentric style is not to be missed and can be found at the corner of the Plaza  and Main street in Taos, NM.

He rides as ZORRO through the streets every Sunday and often invites people to watch or partake in painting at his Plaza Studio.

Ed is quite the host and  music may be heard into the late hours when we all gather to dine under the stars, tell stories and eat fabulous home cooked meals. The power of his brushstrokes invokes intense emotion as the colors dance across the canvas. These are the colors of Taos, NM. This is the man of Taos, NM

la Cienega

I love you Ed Sandoval, you inspire me!

Check out his website and enjoy the images here.

In his own words:

“Visitors and collectors wander by, and I invite them to watch a crazy artist at work. I enjoy describing my vision and the effect I hope to achieve. And when little kids get great big eyes watching me work, I give them a paintbrush and say ‘Help me out with this.’ ” For more about ED read this.

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