The Wandering Day

crisis about calendar reform

crisis about calendar reform

Again—as an actress life never knows what it will toss your way.

Originally called Calendar Crisis–now The Wandering Day…

This audition came my way as I was just arriving in Los Angeles. I put myself on tape and then decided to alert my manager that I was actually in town and could be at the actual casting…. I got the appointment and went i.

The amazing thing was- Elizabeth Achelis came to visit me during the evening! Her accent, attitude and demeanor came thru like a lightning bolt. Humhph…I said to myself…I think I need to get in that room. AND so I did. I entered without resume and head shot, aghast these days!!! But they saw me, auditioned me and reveled about my performance being so spot on…I got the  gig!

Enjoy some pics and my self-tape audition.