NCIS:Los Angeles



So…I drive from Houston to Sherman Oaks and open the door to an e-mail that has me arriving at an audition the next day…how time to settle in, get my bags, unload, meet and greet—-NO, get to the audition right away… So I do….after all, that s why I am here….get work, get seen, get some dollars in the bank account!!!

I arrive at the audition. On time. I sign in and realize that the other women here for the role are all so different from me and each other…fascinating…so we each have the same chance of getting the part, in my mind….we are individual. What are they seeking??? I rapidly transisted thru my membranes…and I realized that I just had to do what I came here to do—and nothing more….so I did.

Funny how agents and managers ask how you think it went—this time I texted—“Well, if I get the part, I guess it went well”, and left it at that.

The next day I get a text–how unimportant is that, right!

“Hey–you got the gig, let’s talk.”

COOL—I am here in town for less than 2 days max and I get a gig—COOL!

So that has set a precedence for my time here this 6 months—that I must land every role I go out for—-and I am totally up for that!!!:))